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Engage and grow your audience with the power of data.

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Fine-tune your music promotion choices using advanced analytics.

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Crowd-sourced curation

Be first to discover emerging talent that truly resonates with your audience.

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Extend your reach

Participate in exclusive music campaigns to get your music heard by a wider audience.

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Connect with media outlets eager to discover you and get playlisted to grow your streams.

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Grow your fan base

Increase fan exposure and let them hear about your upcoming releases.

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About us

Fan-centric music promotion

Groovly is a music intelligence platform that connects media outlets, artists and fans to optimize music promotion, drive fan engagement and extend the reach of both music and media.

We believe in a more sustainable, interconnected music ecosystem where audiences are at the center of music curation and promotion.

How it works

Driving fan engagement through live campaigns

We created a gamified music experience that can reach and engage fans worldwide, forming communities around both music and media.

Groovly allows you to host live campaigns where artists can submit music tracks and fans can vote based on their individual styles and preferences.

After a campaign is completed, you’ll get exclusive access to top rated artists as well as useful data and insights into your audience, allowing you to make highly-targeted music promotion choices and grow your audience.

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